Coke Powder Ball Dryer

Coke Powder Ball Dryer

Generation Introduction of Vertical type Coke powder ball dryer

Our plant designs Coke powder ball dryer, which takes advantages of few land occupation. less cost, no abrasion and free of maintenance. The equipment is becomes more practical and general, so Coke coal ball dryer is an idea machine for the medium and small-size briquettes in production line. This type of Coke powder ball vertical dryer can be used in the drying and dehydration of briquette coal, fine coke coal and coke powder briquette balls. It has dramatic effect on the drying of briquettes used for coking and gas generation and direct smelting in chemical line.
Coke Powder Ball Dryer

Generation Introduction of Belt type Coke powder ball dryer

Besides, when the coke powder pressed into square, hexagon, cylindrical, bar and so on, we can use mesh belt dryer
Coke Powder Ball Dryer

Generation Introduction of Box- type Coke powder ball dryer

This coke Box- type dryer is flowing and continuous type drying equipment. The machine is used for drying the coke powder briquette balls with good ventilation.
Coke Powder Ball Dryer

Performance characteristics of Coke powder ball dryer

1. Equipment operation is convenient, simple maintenance.
2. Drying furnace body has no mechanical part and daily no maintenance.
3. Continuous operation, high efficiency and production.
4. Compared with the general return discharge type drying furnace, this Coke powder bal vertical dryer reduce 1/2 investment, 1/5 cover area.
5. The energy consumption and operation cost greatly reduced.

Technical parameter of Coke powder ball dryer

Series models The module number Dehydration rate (%)
Drying time (h)
The flue gas temperature (℃) Fabric motor power (kw) Processing capacity (t/h) Weight (t)
LHG-5 1 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 2.2 4-7 17
LHG-10 2 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 3 9-12 28.6
LHG-15 3 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 4 14-17 34
LHG-20 4 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 5.5 18-23 49.8
LHG-25 5 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 7.5 23-28 64.9
LHG-30 6 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 7.5 28-33 75
LHG-35 7 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 11 33-38 86
LHG-40 8 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 11 38-45 113
LHG-50 10 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 15 48-55 129

Coke powder ball dryer applicable scope
Coke Coal Ball Dryer

Working principle of Coke powder ball dryer
Coke Coal Ball Dryer

The case
Coke Powder Ball Vertical Dryer

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Coke Powder Ball Vertical Dryer

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After 30 years of improvement, Gongyi Lantian Machinery was established in 1980s, become a joint-stock enterprise integrating RD, production and sales.   Our main product: coal slim dryer, lignite dryer, fly ash dryer, rotary dryer, mesh belt dryer, sludge dryer, Coke coal ball dryer ,sawdust dryer, mineral slag dryer, desulphurization gypsum drying ball machine that used in mine, chemical,  metallurgy, building and so on
Coke Powder Ball Dryer of Lantian machinery


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