Coal Ball Dryer

Coal Ball Dryer

Generation Introduction of Vertical type Coal ball dryer

The Coal ball dryer is widely use in a large chemical fertilizer plants, coal briquette plants, dry coal ball briquettes, coal rods, and achieved good results, into the gasification furnace coal rods, water fall to about 3%, gas production increased obviously. A large managing manpower, reduce labor intensity, save the court and expanded production. Coal ball briquette dryer is used for drying coal briquettes. Coal ball vertical dryer has the features of convenient operation and easy maintenance. The machine has no mechanical running part, so it needs less daily maintenance.

Coal Ball Dryer

Generation Introduction of Belt type Coal ball dryer

The hot selling mesh belt machine is a kind of drying equipment for batch, continouous production. It is mainly used for drying plate, strip, and honeycomb coal briquette balls with better ventilation. The dryer is applicable to food products as well.

 Coal Ball Dryer  

Generation Introduction of Box type Coal ball dryer

This briquette belt dryer is mainly drying charcoal ball, coal ball, iron ball and others, after briquette, the ball have moisture, can't use directly .after drying can use directly as fuel or smelting.
Coal Ball Dryer

Performance characteristics of Coal ball dryer

1. Coal ball vertical dryer is designed for the dehydration of briquette and pellet. It has reasonable design, high thermal efficiency, good drying effect and adjustable air volume.
2. Coal ball briquette dryer is mainly composed of a fixed barrel body, inlet and outlet device, feeding device, a heat exchange device, holding device and so on.
3. The product has good process matching ability, Easy to realize the connection with other equipment in the production line and the automation.
4. Continuous operation, high efficiency, large output.
5. High efficiency and low energy consumption
6. Save labor and reduce labor intensity

Technical parameter of Coal ball dryer

Series models The module number Dehydration rate (%)
Drying time (h)
The flue gas temperature (℃) Fabric motor power (kw) Processing capacity (t/h) Weight (t)
LHG-5 1 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 2.2 4-7 17
LHG-10 2 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 3 9-12 28.6
LHG-15 3 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 4 14-17 34
LHG-20 4 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 5.5 18-23 49.8
LHG-25 5 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 7.5 23-28 64.9
LHG-30 6 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 7.5 28-33 75
LHG-35 7 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 11 33-38 86
LHG-40 8 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 11 38-45 113
LHG-50 10 6-8 1.5-2.5 200-200 15 48-55 129

 Coal ball dryer applicable scope
Coal Ball Briquette Dryer

Working principle of Coal ball dryer  
Coal Ball Briquette Dryer

The case
 Coal Ball Vertical Dryer

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 Coal Ball Vertical Dryer

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