Clay Dryer

Clay Dryer

Brief introduction of Clay dryer

Clay dryer is specially designed to dry materials with high viscosity like clay, gypsum and other materials. Lantian Clay rotary dryer, which is produced based on Germany advanced clay drying technology and has reasonable design, stable functioning, simple operation, wear resistance and durability, higher thermal efficiency and better drying effect The Clay soil dryer are used for drying the high moisture material to a suitable moisture, so that the material can be reached a high efficient use value. The Clay rotary dryer is mainly composed by the revolving body, lifting plate, driving device, supporting device, sealing ring and other components. So it has the advantages of reasonable structure, perfect in workmanship, high yield, low energy consumption, convenient to operate. Generally Speaking, the choice of fuel is based on the local suitable heating source, so as to achieve the heating source comprehensive utilization .Also,the cost of the dryer can be reduced with local highly cost effective heating source.
Clay Dryer  Clay Dryer

Performance characteristics of Clay dryer

1. High drying strength, high dealing capacity, low consumption and low drying cost.
2. Our clay soil dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and it can use high temperature hot air to dry the materials fastly.
3. It adopts self-aligning riding wheel structure, the riding wheel and roller ring cooperate well, and it can greatly reduce the wearing and power consumption.
4. Our Clay dryer has the features of low noise, little pollution and good drying effect.
5. The assorted combustion furnace is a type of energy efficient and has the characteristics of smaller area , easy regulation and equipped with greenhouse.
6. Lifting plate have angle distribution and perfect design, reliable performance so heat rate utilization is high, uniform drying, fewer cleaning materials. 

Technical parameter of Clay dryer

The dryer model (mm) The production capacity (t/h) The dryer motor power (kw) Feed water (%) Combustion value (kcal/kg) Final moisture content (%)
Φ1500x14000 7-9 15 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ800 x16000 10-13 18.5 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ2000 x16000 14-17 22 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ2200 x18000 17-20 30 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ2400 x18000 20-25 37 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ2600 x20000 30-40 55 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ2700 x20000 40-50 75 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less
Φ3000 x20000 50-60 90 25 + / - 5 P 5500 10 or less

 Compared before and after drying

Clay Rotary Dryer

Working principle of Clay dryer   

1. Materials are sent to hopper of clay soil dryer by belt conveyor or bucket elevator.
2. Materials enter the barrel installed with slope to horizontal line from the higher side.
3. Hot air enters the barrel from the lower side, and then materials and hot air mix together.
4. Materials go to the lower side by gravity when the barrel is rotating.
5. Lifters on the inner side of barrel lift materials up and down in order to make materials and hot air mix completely, which is designed to improve the producing efficiency of small rotary dryer.
Clay Soil Dryer

The case
Clay Rotary Dryer

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