BBQ Charcoal Dryer

BBQ Charcoal Dryer

Brief introduction of BBQ charcoal dryer

BBQ charcoal dryer is a drying equipment which can dry wet material continually, it's usually used in automatic coal and charcoal production line, for example, barbecue charcoal, shisha charcoal, etc. The BBQ dryer can be one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers and five layers. We will suggest suitable layers according to your raw material and capacity demand.  Belt BBQ charcoal dryer has the character of high efficiency, low broken rate, stable performance. The BBQ dryer is common continuous dryer equipment, it is widely applied in chemical, foodstuff, fruit, vegetable, rice, grain and walnut kernels, pharmacy, construction material, and electronic industry, and particularly it is adapt to dry the raw materials which have good air permeability and shaped in sheet, strip or granule.
BBQ Charcoal Dryer   BBQ Charcoal Dryer

Performance characteristics of BBQ charcoal dryer

1. High efficiency, low energy consumption
2. The Belt BBQ charcoal dryer configuration is flexible, mesh belt washing system and materials cooling system can be used.
3. Most air is recycled to realize saving energy
4. The BBQ dryer is equipped with unique air dividing apparatus, it makes the hot air distribute uniform better and guarantee the quality of products is constant.
5. Heating source can be steam, conduction oil,, electricity, coal (oil), or hot air furnace.
6. Air quantity, heating temperature, materials staying time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.

Technical parameter of BBQ charcoal dryer

Models Unit number Mesh belt width(m) Dry long(m) Spread the thickness of the material(mm) The use of temperature Steam pressure(Mpa) The steam consumption(kg/h) So the heat exchange area(m2) The drying time(h) Dry strength of water(kg/h) The fan number Fan total power(kw) Total power(kw) Total weight(kg)
LHG-1.2-8 4 1.2 8 10-80 50-120 0.2-0.6 120-120 272 0.2-1.2 60-160 5 9.9 11.4 4850
LHG-1.2-10 5 1.2 10 10-80 50-120 0.2-0.6 150-150 340 0.25-1.5 80-80 6 12.1 13.6 5860
LHG-1.6-8 4 1.6 8 20-90 50-120 0.2-0.6 150-150 352 0.2-1.2 75-75 5 9.9 11.4 5500
LHG-1.6-10 5 1.6 10 20-90 50-120 0.2-0.6 170-170 440 0.25-1.5 95-95 6 12.1 13.6 6550
4 2 8 30-100 50-120 0.2-0.6 180-180 448 0.2-1.2 100-100 5 18.2 19.7 6380
5 2 10 30-100 50-120 0.2-0.6 225-225 560 0.25-1.5 120-120 6 22.2 23.7 7890

BBQ charcoal dryer applicable scope

BBQ Dryer

The details of BBQ charcoal dryer

BBQ Dryer

Working principle of the BBQ charcoal dryer
Belt BBQ Charcoal Dryer

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Belt BBQ Charcoal Dryer

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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BBQ Charcoal Dryer of Lantian machinery


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