Template Crusher

Template Crusher

Description of Template crusher

Template crusher construction building templates crusher is a new kind of professional, large-scale new crushing equipment for wood waste on the site templates, bamboo, shelves, brackets, trays, breaking the traditional model process. Using the principle of hammer pounding, plus screw conveyor, fan ventilation three step processes to complete the job. Finally, the finished materials are probably about the size of a matchstick’. Due to the large raw material, are used in thick mesh (14MM), the minimum can only process 22 mm mesh aperture, so the finished material a bit large, are coarse broken, the yield is about 3-5 tons per hour. To crush sawdust-like, even finer, it would have to use the multi-purpose steel mill, with a small aperture sieve. This Waste template crusher is widely used in waste processing template, bamboo plants, plywood plant, composite mill, power plant boilers burning raw wood processing plants and individual use.
Template Crusher   Template Crusher

Feature of Template crusher

1. The Wood template grinder can crusher different specification construction waste template, have good economic benefits.
2. Waste template crusher is multifunctional, mainly used to crush raw material with small diameter such as wood, wood chips, corn straw, wheat straw, corn cop, tree twigs, etc. Fineness can be 1-20mm.
3. It can be customized according to customer's requirement in all size of wood processing equipment.
4. Waste template crusher can process wood material that contains nails and separate the nail from the wood, avoiding the trouble to remove the nail at work.
5. High production efficiency, less tool wear, prevent the nails and concrete of building template crack.
6. This Wood template grinder is improved on the base of the drum wood chipper. It mainly consists of work platform, Feed roller, and feed conveyor

Technical references of Template crusher

Model The type 600 The type 800 The type 1000 The type 1200
Power(kw) 18.5-22 30-37 37-45 75-75
Production(t/h) 1-2 3-4 6-10 15-25


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Waste Template Crusher

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Lantian machinery factory is specialized in series of wood processing (broken, torn, shavings, forming, powder) equipment manufacturers.  Lantian machinery factory scientific research personnel, adhere to the road of independent innovation, not only invested a lot of scientific research funds, at the same time, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and process. Welcome to visit our factory!
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