Straw Crusher

Straw Crusher

Description of Straw crusher

Lantian series Straw crusher can crush different raw materials, such as charcoal, hardwood, softwood, branch, chips, coconut shell, bamboo, sawdust, etc. If charcoal, the finished powder can be 80mesh-3mm; If sawdust, the finished powder can be 1mm-3mm, just change into different screen mesh, you can get different fineness for different using. The finished straw crusher can be made into shisha charcoal, barbecue charcoal, and others. The finished sawdust powder can be made into pellet, wood briquettes, etc. Hay crusher machine has the features of reasonable structure, firm durable, safe reliable, easy operation, and high efficiency and are mainly used for animal feed factory, plant feeding industry, fertilizer and chemical industry, etc.  We have different models Corn straw crusher, and according to the different application, the final material can be adjusted different sizes. Because of Straw crushing machine can turn the waste wood into other high economic value products, so the wood straw crusher is very popular in the world.
Straw Crusher   Straw Crusher

Feature of Straw crusher

1. The final cutting material can be use to make biomass pellet, paper, pet net, and so on, so the Straw crushing machine is widely used in many field, such as charcoal factory, biological power plant factory, sawmill incense factory, feed farms, etc.
2. Our Corn straw crusher has a low consumption, it can save 15% power than normal wood straw crusher.
3. Wood straw crusher has a scientific and compact structure, it very convenient to transport and it save your working site.
4. Our Hay crusher machine is full automatic, one people can complete the whole crushing process. It can save your labor investment.
5. Our Hay crusher machine has a good performance, it can adapt long continuous working.
6. Operating button can be moved fully, it is easy to be operated.

Technical references of Straw crusher

Model Power (kw) Output (t/h) Spindle speed (RPM)
400 5.5 0.3-0.5 3600
500 7.5 0.5-0.8 3600
600 15 1-1.5 3600
630 30 + 3 3-5 2200
1000 45 + 3 5-8 2200

The molds
Corn Straw Crusher

Before and after crushing products
Hay Crusher Machine

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Packaging & Shipping of Straw crusher
 Straw Crushing Machine

The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Our service

1. Recommend the most suitable machine for customers, or design the machine specially according customers demand
2. Strictly control easy production line and easy parts, to ensure machine quality.
3. Lifelong free technical support and spare parts support
4. Help customers solve problem rapidly

Company Information

As Lantian brand wood straw crusher with a high quality, competitive price and best services, Our company and products get a very good reputation from our customers and our Corn straw crusher have been sold all over the world, such as America, Australia, Thailand, etc. Our factory product specification is complete, detection means perfect, the design is novel, reliable performance, convenient operation, etc. To the user at a reasonable price bought substantial equipment for domestic equipment, ensure that customers maximize benefits with minimum investment.
Straw Crusher of Lantian machinery


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