Sawdust Wood Crusher

Sawdust Wood Crusher

Description of Sawdust wood crusher

Our factory Sawdust wood crusher is developed by using the latest technology at home and abroad advanced technology a new type of crushing equipment, this Sawdust making machine combines the domestic and foreign various traditional crusher crushing principle of innovation, the Lantian machinery at home and abroad by a crushing principle of traditional and integrated many kinds of crushing principle successfully developed into a set of three kinds of crushing principle for the integration of high efficiency and energy saving sawdust crusher. Sawdust grinding machine is mainly composed of chip cutting device, crushing device and fan; Chip cutting organisms (divided into the upper body, the body and the body), the rotor, the knife dish; Crushing device with crushing cavity and crushing blade (seven knives, type and centrifugal knife);Fan fan, powder, dust collector.
Sawdust Wood Crusher  Sawdust Wood Crusher

Feature of Sawdust wood crusher

1. Wood sawdust making crusher is a mechanism for charcoal production line, biomass fuel particles in the production of key equipment, it can be of wood, wood, twigs and other materials into sawdust in one time
2. The advantages of small volume, covers an area of less, low investment, high return, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to use, maintenance and other advantages
3. Can do shaving board, sawdust board, density board, paper mill raw material to produce
4. The Sawdust making machine for sawdust usually works with cyclone; the cyclone can filter out the dust from finished products.
5. A variable frequency drive could be installed on the belt conveyor to hammer mill, so you can adjust the right speed for the material
6. Crushing wood into small granular powder, and final product can be used as raw material, for making charcoal, high density board, biomass briquette etc.

Technical references of Sawdust wood crusher

Model Power (kw) Output (t/h) Fineness (mesh) Covers an area of squared (m) Overall dimensions (mm)
400 18.5 450-450 4-20 5 1850 * 1200 * 920
600 30/37 1000-1000 4-20 7 2600 * 1600 * 1250
800 45 2500-2500 4-20 9 2900 * 2100 * 1500
1000 55 3500-3500 4-20 11 3200 * 2500 * 1750

The molds
Sawdust Making Machine

Before and after crushing products
Sawdust Grinding Machine

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Packaging & Shipping of Sawdust wood crusher
Wood Sawdust Making Crusher


The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

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1. Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;
2. Training technical personnel for our clients;
3. Providing construction and technology consultations or working out proper construction schemes for those new, special or difficult projects.

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Gongyi City Lantian machinery is a professional production of large and medium crushing, grinding, Sawdust grinding machine, Wood sawdust making crusher, sand making equipment, research, production, marketing trinity of the private sector. Our company adhering to the scientific management of modern enterprises, precision manufacturing, forge ahead, innovation, rapid rise to become the leader in equipment manufacturing deserved
Sawdust Wood Crusher of Lantian machinery


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