Powder Briquette Molding Machine

Powder Briquette Molding Machine

Introduction of Powder briquette molding machine

Powder briquette molding machine (usually known as briquettes, through out a plurality of holes in a cylindrical cake coal) is the major production equipment in China's urban briquette production plant. It adds dry powder into mold tube on the turntable and press into briquettes through punching. Coal powder briquette machine is applied widely in the cement, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, refractory and other industrial sectors to crush medium hardness materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials.

Powder Briquette Molding Machine  Powder Briquette Molding Machine

Technical references of the Powder briquette molding machine

Model  Production Capacity Motor Power  Specifications (round,square)
140A   45blocks/min  7.5kw  R 140mm(below),S 100*100mm(below)
140B  50blocks/min  7.5kw  R 140mm(below),S 100*100mm(below)
160  50blocks/min  7.5kw  R 160mm(below),S 125*125mm(below)
180  50blocks/min  7.5kw  R 180mm(below),S 150*150mm(below)
220  35blocks/min   11kw  R 220mm(below),S 200*200mm(below)

Characteristics of Powder briquette molding machine

1. The Coal powder briquette machine simple structure convenient operation
2. Applicable raw materials: such as coal powder, coal dust, charcoal powder, coal ash, coal gangue, brown coal, breeze, furnace slag, coke powder, etc.
3. Through the Powder briquette machine processing, finished products have a variety of shapes, and can be customized according to the requirements of customers
4. Multi-usage, energy-saving province electricity, the price is reasonable
5. High ratio of forming
6. The Powder briquette machine has a strong production capacity

The molds
Coal Powder Briquette Machine

The outlet briquettes and shapes from Powder briquette molding machine
Coal Powder Briquette Machine

The structure and operation principle of Powder briquette molding machine

Raw material-----Crushing -----Mixing-----Feeding-----Briquetting-----Drying-----Final briquette
Powder Briquette Machine production line

The Package and Shipping

Powder Briquette Machine package and shipping

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The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical

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Powder Briquette Machine of Lantian mechanical

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