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Coke Briquettes Making Machine

Coke Briquettes Making Machine

Introduction of Coke briquettes making machine

This Coke briquettes making machine have been mainly used in home fire, heating with anthracite honeycomb made of cylindrical briquettes. Mostly Coke coal briquette machine is used in coal, metallurgical powder, powder cold-pressing ball, refractory materials for burning and house heating etc. We can produce any kinds of briquette making machine and Coke powder briquette making machine, the shape of the briquettes can be square, circle, pillow, etc, and we can manufacture special mold for customers. Also, we can plan, design, manufacture, install briquette production line as the customers’ requirements. Our Coke coal briquette machine is new model and state environmental protection products.

 Coke Briquettes Making Machine  Coke Briquettes Making Machine

 Technical references of the Coke briquettes making machine

Model  Production Capacity Motor Power  Specifications (round,square)
140A   45blocks/min  7.5kw  R 140mm(below),S 100*100mm(below)
140B  50blocks/min  7.5kw  R 140mm(below),S 100*100mm(below)
160  50blocks/min  7.5kw  R 160mm(below),S 125*125mm(below)
180  50blocks/min  7.5kw  R 180mm(below),S 150*150mm(below)
220  35blocks/min   11kw  R 220mm(below),S 200*200mm(below)

Characteristics of Coke briquettes making machine

1. Raw material: any kind of coal and charcoal fine, coke fine, carbon fine, etc.
2. Each Coke powder briquette making machine can be equipped with many moulds by customizing the related shapes
3. With our self researched formula, the briquette is smokeless, high density and easy to be ignited.
4. Steady work, no vibration.
5. Easy to transport and store as densities product
6. Factory direct sale with reliable price.

The outlet briquettes and shapes from Coke briquettes making machine
 Coke Coal Briquette Machine

The structure and operation principle of Coke briquettes making machine

The Coke coal briquette machine whole production includes Feeder, Crusher, Mixer, Conveyer, briquetting Machine.
Feeder------Crusher------Mixer------Conveyer-----Briquetting Machine

Coke Powder Briquette Making Machine production line

The Package and Shipping

 Coke Coal Briquette Machine package shipping

Customers from all over the world

 The customers visit Lantian machanical plant


 The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant  The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Company Information

Lantian machinery took three years to develop with the most advanced Coke coal briquette machine at home and abroad. We are the manufacturer with over 30 years working experience. "Customer is God", high-quality products, reasonable price, satisfactory service is our eternal business policy. "Cooperation and competition, win-win model" is a long-term goal of our development.
Coke Briquettes Making Machine of Lantian mechanical plant

Our Services

1. The Pre-sale service is free, begins with analyzing and planning of your particular needs. Whether you need a single machine or a production line, we can advise you on the right solution for the most cost-efficient briquetting.
We can guide you to install the products or directly send our engineer in your country for the installation.
2. In the after sales service, our factory has a team of briquetting professionals ready to help you. We provide one year warranty for all of our products and six month for the wear parts. Spare and wear parts are always close to you.


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