BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine

BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine

Introduction of BBQ Charcoal briquette machine

BBQ Charcoal briquette machine has been widely applied in China for over 30 years. It has been replaced manual for so many years because of its high quality, high efficiency, etc. BBQ Charcoal making machine processes coal powder, charcoal powder, coke powder, carbon powder, etc. into round shape with holes, square shape, plum-flower shape, cylinder shape, hexagonal shape, oval shape, etc. The diameter of charcoal briquettes made by BBQ Charcoal dust briquette machine is customized, whose diameter is between 40-220mm. (BBQ briquette machine). BBQ Charcoal making machine also can be biomass materials and agricultural materials like all kinds of straw, sawdust, wood, branches, shells, husks, biogases etc as raw materials to produce charcoal briquettes. This sophisticated technique not only made the costs come down greatly but also saves manpower. Our factory is responsible to offer all the related technology like carbonization technology, adhesive technology, briquetting technology and drying technology.
BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine    BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine

Technical references of the BBQ Charcoal briquette machine

Model Power Capacity For brick shape Capacity For rod shape Outlet size of round Outlet size of square Outlet size of rod   Weight
LFM-140  5.5kw  45pcs  90-100  ≤120 ≤100×100  ≤50  1.8ton
LFM-180  7.5kw  40pcs  120  ≤145 ≤130×130  ≤50  2.5ton
LFM-220  15kw 22-26pcs   125  ≤220 ≤150×150  ≤50  3.8ton
LFM-260  15kw  26pcs  90-120  ≤260 ≤200×200  ≤50  3.8ton
LFM-300  15kw  26pcs  90-120  ≤300 ≤250×250  ≤50  4ton

Characteristics of BBQ Charcoal briquette machine

1. The BBQ Charcoal making machine high productivity, easy operation, easy maintenance and high cost performance
2. Each BBQ Charcoal dust briquette machine can be equipped with various molds for different needs
3. Energy saving, clean, no exhaust smoke generated waste
4. High density of products, easy for storage, and with no smoke, no smell, environmental protection.
5. Widely used, never saturated the market
6. Our engineer available to service overseas

The molds

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

Outlet briquettes from BBQ Charcoal briquette machine

BBQ Charcoal Dust Briquette Machine

The structure and operation principle of BBQ Charcoal briquette machine

The main engine is provided power by electromagnetism governing-speed reducer, the power is conveyed by belt pulley, cylinder gear reducer, through rod pin coupling to main driving shaft. Main driving shaft and driven shaft will be ensured synchronously operated by open gear. Spiral feed unit is driven by electrometric spleen regulating motor, turn the pulley, worm reducer work. Then charcoal powder will be forced into main inlet.

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine production line

The Package and Shipping
BBQ Charcoal Dust Briquette Machine package and shipping

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Our certifications
The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant     The CE and ISO certifications of Lantian mechanical plant

Company Information

Lantian Mechanical Plant is a professional factory, which has been specialized in coal, charcoal briquette area since 1980s.Nearly 30 years' development, we have developed and researched a series of new type machines. Besides briquette machine, we also can provide you other assistant machines, like dryer, crusher, carbonization furnace, conveyor, etc. Our main briquette machine includes BBQ Charcoal making machine, coal briquette machine and so on. Welcome to our factory!
BBQ Charcoal Briquette Machine of Lantian mechanical plant

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