Spiral Mixer

Spiral Mixer  Spiral Agitator and Spiral Mixing Machine

Brief description of Spiral mixer

Spiral agitator is widely used in chemical, pesticides, dyes, food, feed, building materials, rare earth and other powder mixed with powder (solid - liquid).This Spiral agitator for mixing materials wide adaptability, for heat-sensitive materials will not cause overheating, don't pressure feedback and grinding particle materials, the mixture will not produce specific gravity and granularity, are different points crumbs segregation phenomenon; The Spiral mixing machine according to process requirements can be increased in mixer drum in vitro jacketed, injection of cold and hot medium is carried out to the jacket to achieve cooling or heating of materials; General pump into the industrial water cooling, heat and ventilation with steam or electric heating heat conduction oil. The mixing effect of the machine for material chemical reaction has a better effect.
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